Sunday, May 22, 2011

TFAS Summer Part II: "I thought DC was laid on a grid!"

This phrase came out of my mother's mouth as we passed Park Cafe for the third time today, trying desperately to make our way to the my apartment on 6th Street. That's right. I'm baaaaack!

After completing the TFAS program last summer, I have been hired to work this summer as a Program Advisor (PA). Today I moved into my ((temporary)) apartment near Eastern Market and tomorrow, I will begin work at the TFAS office preparing for the students' arrival in June.

My Mom and I set off for DC this morning. A big thanks Mom, for driving me down. I know city driving is not fun--it included lots of stoplights, parallel & double parking, hazard lights, near Titanic-like collisions and general frustration. After stocking our fridge and snapping a photo of us on the stairs, Mom took off and left the three of us to fend for ourselves.

Let me stop there and provide you with some foundational information to help you make your way through this blog.

I have two roommates who are also working as PAs: Lauren Goldberg and Sarah Howard. However, there are six PAs in total. The other three are living together in a separate apartment (for now). Next weekend, we will be moving once again into Henle Village at Georgetown University. As you may remember, these are the same apartments that I lived in last summer as a student in the program. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), the apartments were not available yet so for now, we scored an awesome apartment near Eastern Market.

Our summer will be filled with work in the office from 8:30-5:30 from M-F and frequent evening and weekend events once the students arrive. We also function similar to RAs so we need to be on campus and available for assistance.

As if this weren't enough to keep us busy, we have also set a few other goals for ourselves.

1. Sightsee! The sights are never ending.
2. Blog so we can remember all of these cool things.
3. Interview, network and schmooze This may be more important for Sarah and Lauren as they are looking for jobs for the Fall, but it never hurt.
4. Take photos especially with our new buddies--crocheted octopi that we purchased at Eastern Market today: O-man, Oscar (aka-Little Nugget) and Ottie
5. Taste test cupcakes to decide once and for all whose are the best.

I'll also post about our eating adventures in a separate section. Tonight: I returned to Montmarte, a French restaurant that Michael and I dined for brunch last summer, but this time we stopped for dessert. We sat outside, as the weather is lovely-warm and breezy; however, I suspect this weather is short-lived and will soon be traded in for unbearable heat and mugginess (joy!).

Full day of work tomorrow. Talk to you soon!

P.S.-The photos will likely be all Lauren's.

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