Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Less Work=More Play

I arrived at work today to emails from some of my students; how exciting!! Given all the work they have been putting into this program, the staff are getting really excited to meet the students. I too am starting to get this feeling after working on the student biographies.

All of our hard work earned us a shorter work day; we got to leave at 4PM. We put the spare time to good use and got burgers and shakes at Good Stuff Eatery, Spike Mendelsohn's restaurant in Capitol Hill. ((He was a contestant on Top Chef Chicago)) This is the same place where I dragged poor Sara last summer. While we waited for our milkshakes, we chatted up one of the employees as to where Spike might be. He even called Spike in an attempt to locate him. He said that he loves to give autographs and photos and all I could think about was how cool a photo would be for my blog!! Fingers crossed. There is still plenty of summer left.
Check it out at http://www.goodstuffeatery.com/--I highly recommend the milkshakes. Delish!

After early dinner, we made our way to the Capitol and along the Mall where some guys invited us to play frisbee. We figured that we should enjoy the last remnants of the cool(ish) weather before the summer heat settles in. One of the guys was a native who joked about how mundane the buildings seem to him after years of passing them. Right now I can't imagine that feeling. The buildings still captivate me. They are-- as Lauren and I commented yesterday--quite majestic, especially in the right light.

I'm thinking of checking out the bookstore down the street this weekend for some cheesy mystery novels set in DC. I think they would be super fun to read this summer while I'm living here, in and around the sights. Any suggestions?

The girls and I are also on the hunt for some cake balls. I had never heard of these curious specimens until a few weeks ago when Michael mentioned them. They sound delicious, but I've yet to find a place in DC (besides Starbucks) that really specializes in them. When I find them, I think I'd like to bring some in for the whole office. We are an office of nearly all women, so you can imagine that sweet treats would go over BIG TIME.

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