Thursday, May 26, 2011

Enjoying this Time in Capitol Hill

I scurried out of work yesterday and met up with Ian for dinner at Matchbox, a restuarant that Dana had recommended. I was shocked to learn that he had never ventured to the Eastern Market neighborhood and I know he was definitely regretting that decision after he discovered how fun it was.

Happily, there was still some daylight left when Ian departed and I was able to take a quick run around the neighborhood. I'm amazed how little traffic there is once the commuters find their way out of the city. In that way, DC doesn't fit the stereotypical image of a city: constantly bustling 24/7.

After a shower, my roommates and I kept good on our promise to get coffee together that night. We chose a place named pound, just down from us on Conneticut. Lauren and Sarah each tried a nutella latte (Lauren iced and Sarah hot) which Lauren described as "adult chocolate milk." I ordered a horchata which was a delicious and very refreshing drink made from rice and milk, served on ice with cinnamon. I recalled Oscar's daughters ordering something similar when they treated us to dinner several months ago. My mother and I were so intrigued by the drink, that I just had to try it. It was a wonderful choice as I settled in for the night.

The coffee shop had a great atmosphere. The employees were all hanging around, competing to determine who could create the best design with the cappuccino foam. After placing our votes, we sipped on our drinks in the courtyard and then called it a night.

Today, we celebrated Dana's birthday with lunch at Lauriol Plaza, a Mexican restaurant. The food was great and so was the company! Back at the office, we have begun printing some of the materials for the students' registration packets; the printers are getting quite a workout.

Speaking of workout, I think I'll invest in a fitness ball of some sort to sit on at my desk because I'm getting really tired of my desk chair. I fidget far too much and like to make trips down the stairs to Kristen's office just for an excuse to move around.

The day ended with a soccer game near the Potomac. Kristen and Hailey invited me to play on their team. We lost terribly, but it was a good time. Over the season, they've recruited several players in some unusual ways including a cab driver, Muhammad, who was looking to join a team and take a break from his long route between Baltimore and DC.

I've really appreciated the welcome that my co-workers have given me and the other PAs. Inviting us to join in their game exemplifies their kindness.

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