Monday, May 23, 2011

Why the Scenery Makes All the Difference

Everything seems better when it's cast in light of great scenery. Commuting, working, running, you name it, I guarantee it's easier when you do it in a place that entrances you.

Indeed, I had this experience today. I find myself continually mesmerized by DC sights and sounds. Walking to work is fun when you have beautiful architecture to examine and a 20 minute run flies by (although still not quite fast enough) when you cross paths with 50 other runners.

Guess it's safe to say that I am enjoying myself thus far.

Today was long. Our commute is around 45 minutes from door to door, but luckily it will shorten tremendously when we move into Georgetown. The day was full of orientation to the office and our responsibilities as PAs. Fortunately, we happened to arrive on a day of celebration: the entire staff gathered for Chick-fil-A lunch. Yum!

It really is a great work environment. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. They strike a great balance between having fun and completing some serious work. I get the feeling that both are in store for me this summer. I'll admit, that two-week task list is pretty intimidating, but like Toby always says: one spaghetti noodle at a time.

Ok well, with a full day ahead of me, I'm off to bed.

One final lesson from today: don't forget the caffeine. Boy was I drowsy around 3PM. I think I'll remedy by bringing in my box of English tea for the office. Too bad I can't bring Mrs. Drake along as well. She sure does make a mean cup of tea. ;)

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