Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bonnie, Clyde and Jesse take DC

Guests bloggers here! Yes, we're two. Jesse is a busy girl accommodating all her friends who decide to visit to live vicariously through all her exciting city living!

After tea with the Obamas-- who knew she had met so many people in Washington, Jesse surprised us with a passionate, charismatic, motivation speech she gave to the Senate. She's running in the next election. VOTE FOR JESSE! But really, Jesse has had quite an exciting summer full of great opportunities.

I arrived Friday to Jesse's Georgetown dorm to be greeted by Jesse's suitemates. J was busy at work preparing for a big NFTE training session, so I ventured on the GUTS bus to find Jesse's M street work place. After being greeted by the nice doorman, I went to the fifth floor to meet Jesse and her coworkers. The office was bright, colorful and everyone was very welcoming. Jesse and I left her work place quarter after 5 to meet her suitemates for her one suitemate's birthday dinner! We went down to the water and ate at a delicious restaurant Fishers and Farmers with her suitemates and some of their friends. Jesse and I had a great time catching up before coming back for some homemade cupcakes to rival our trip on Saturday to Baked And Wired, a coffee bake shop.

Saturday morning: guest blogger number two arrived! And after parking her car, we hit the ground running! (aka boarded the bus and then the metro) A hop, a skip, and a jump later we arrived at the American Art Museum and Portrait Gallery where we saw art exhibits ranging from 'Blue on White', a modern piece of blue paint on white canvas to classical presidential portraits. We all agreed our favorite section of the gallery was the portrait competition where our self-acclaimed art 'critic-ness' did not agree with competition judges regarding the final winner. But overall, we discovered we all have artist potential we plan to explore when we return to Chestertown by painting and creating modern, interpretative pieces.

After our art excursions and salad eating we decided we needed more intellectual stimulation. So, we decided to go shopping and empty our bank accounts! We trudged forth through the 120 degree Fahrenheit weather. Okay, it was only 103 but it felt like 200! After shopping for a considerable amount of time, we stopped to refuel and satisfy our throbbing sweet teeth at Baked and Wired. YUMMY! We savored every bite before heading back out into the heat and taking refuge in more shopping stores to escape. Dinner approached quickly and we ate at Pizzeria Paradiso to check off items on Jesse's 'to eat at' list. Although it was quite a burden, we do enjoy helping a friend accomplish her life long goals so we were happy to do it. A walk back from M street brought us back to Jesse's home base with all her suitemates!

Tomorrow, another exciting day is in store. You'll just have to check back in for all the details!

Guest Blogger #1: Bonnie
Guest Blogger #2: Clyde
Jesse as herself

Starring as Bonnie: Leah
Starring as Clyde: Colleen

Thank you to my wonderful guest bloggers! The cupcakes in the photo are from hello cupcake! in Dupont Circle. I picked them up on my way home from work earlier in the week so that we could celebrate Hayley's birthday on her actual birth day before we could all go out to dinner that weekend!

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