Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Part 2

After the hectic move-in on Saturday, we took a much deserved (if I may say so) lazy Sunday which included some browsing on M street and an evening run. We picked up a few supplies at one of my favorite stores, Paper Source, in order to create PA door decorations so the students will know where we live.

We spent much of this Monday watching or en route to the Memorial Day parade. TFAS scored some VIP seats in a viewing box which they happily handed over to the PAs. The viewing stand belonged to the organizers of the parade, the American Veterans Center, and included many current and retired military personnel as well as the parade marshals, Pat Sajak (Wheel of Fortune host) and Gary Sinise (Det. Mac Taylor of CSI: NY). We felt especially lucky to be out of the sun, but unfortunately, we were unable to escape the heat.

The parade was a wonderful demonstration of patriotism. The soldiers appeared like royalty in their neat, pressed uniforms of various decorums; golds medals and tassels shining bright in the afternoon sun. I felt like an outsider peering into the window of some inner sanctum as generations of soldiers exchanged salutes as they moved past in choreographed precession.

The announcer reminded the crowd that the Memorial Day parade was not established until 2005, a fact that seemed inconsistent with all of the pomp and circumstance which now characterized the festivities. It is a wonder how our own nation's capital could exist without such an event for so long.

When the parade concluded, we escaped the heat inside of tangysweet and treated ourselves to frozen yogurt.

Tomorrow brings a short work week culminating in the arrival of the students on Sunday. Can't wait! It should prove to be busy.

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