Wednesday, June 1, 2011

By sea, by, only by foot, by foot, by foot...

Like most of my past excursions in DC, these past two days have consisted of a lot of walking.

On Wednesday, we were planning to hit the grocery store after work, but lo and behold, right around 5PM we learned that Georgetown had begun a "brown out" that would last until 9PM. I had forgotten about these joyous events when Georgetown officials, in all of their infinite wisdom, decide to turn off the power off.

Faced with no air conditioning, refrigeration or cooking capabilities, we decided to forgo our original plans and opted instead for dinner at Thaiphoon, a great Thai restaurant where my family and I had eaten last year. The food didn't disappoint, but the fast service (which would have been welcome any other night), put us back on the street too soon, at which point we had no other choice but to look for dessert.

We walked in circles for some time before spinning out toward Foggy Bottom and then before we knew it, we had made our way into Georgetown on M. Without--might I add--finding dessert.

At this point, we were practically emaciated and happily took refuge in Sprinkles where we refueled with cupcakes.

I chose chocolate marshmallow which was okay. Lauren and Sarah gave their cupcakes equally tepid ratings.

As Sarah pointed out, these ratings are especially telling considering that we had been searching for dessert for some time when we finally arrived at their door; we were hot, tired, borderline cranky and in desperate search of cake. One would think that if anything, our disposition would have given Sprinkles an advantage.

In conclusion, we give Sprinkles an "eh." The presentation was cute, but the flavors were subdued, the cake was dense and the icing was stiff (granted it was the end of the day).

Today also brought walking (surprise, surprise). We did finally make it to the grocery store albeit not without some challenges (i.e.-hail).

Luckily, our walk back from the store was not nearly as eventful. Now we have a full pantry of which I intend to go enjoy! Until next time, buh-bye.

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