Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Treadmill of Life

I apologize for the terribly cheesy metaphor, but it seemed to be best synopsis for this week.

As you might have seen, I haven't blogged this week, but honestly, given my schedule, I'm just happy that I've had time to shower!

The students arrived on Sunday in a storm of suitcases. Check-in lasted until 4pm and then we held our first "break-out" session. Kristen and I bombarded them with information, but I think they were pre-occupied with meeting people, stocking their fridges and buying sheet sets to take in anything that we said.

That night, the other PAs and I hosted an ice cream which garnered an impressive attendance.

Monday and Tuesday also brought orientation sessions and yesterday marked the first day of their internships. We have made a lot of trips to and from campus.

Despite the busy schedule, I am enjoying the work immensely. It makes me realize that I certainly want to work on a program staff. I appreciate the opportunity to see my work through to fruition. I find the physical labor of the job to be a welcome break from office work and I couldn't wait to speak with the students. Kristen and I had studied their biographies and were able to identify many of them as they approached the registration table, a feat which impressed some and freaked out others.

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