Friday, June 11, 2010

A True Urbanite

Those of you who know me well are keenly aware of my need for busy-ness, so it probably comes as no surprise that I have been getting increasing restless these last fews days as I wait anxiously to begin work.

Thanks to threatening rain, I spent Wednesday on the apartment sofa catching up on missed episodes of ABC's Private Practice accompanied by my good friends Ben and Jerry.

Luckily, the weather was much nicer yesterday and I was able to get out. First I walked to the Safeway on Wisconsin Street which is absolutely gorgeous and a pleasure to shop in. One of my favorite parts is taking the escalator up to the main floor. (I know, I know, I am such a dweeb). I even registered for my own Safeway Club card [which, by the way, earned me $10.51 worth of savings]. There is something about walking to the grocery store that makes me feel like a true urbanite.

When I got back to the room, I put my purchases to quick use and prepared a pot roast for that night which wasn't half bad. So far, so good on the whole "try not to starve" goal. In fact, perhaps I should change that goal to "don't gain 25 lbs." {ben&jerrys + skipping out on a run with Abby = pants not fitting, then again, it is just an excuse to go shopping :) }

Anyway, so after I put in the roast, I strolled down M street, the main shopping district of Georgetown. Most notable of the shops include Georgetown Cupcake, which is definitely on the list of things to experience. Hayley suggests the Red Velvet cupcake [a photo of which I have included so that you can all salivate, just think of it as incentive to come visit me!] There was always a HUGE anthropologie store and a cool vintage store called Annie Creamcheese.

Which brings me to today. This morning at 9am, we had our first project meeting. All IPVSers are split up into groups and responsible for the planning and execution of one fundraising event. My committee is in charge of a book sale. I volunteered to be on the subcommittee handling the organization of the books (surprise, surprise!). The money that we raise from our book sale will be combined with the money raised by the other groups and together, we will select one worthy recipient to receive it in the form of a grant to support youth and education. Super cool!
The book sale will take place on July 10th at the TFAS offices near Dupont Circle so be sure to come out if you can!

Tonight I will be meeting my mentor Natalie. The mentor program is another facet of the TFAS program in which TFAS students are matched up with a (possible) TFAS alumnus who is a working professional in the D.C. area. We will be meeting at Aroma, an Indian restaurant on I street. I've only ever had Indian food once, but I loved it, so am very excited because Natalie agreed to help me order. Sah-weeet. Gotta love help from an insider, which is hopefully what I can become in just a few short weeks!

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