Sunday, June 20, 2010

Part Two: Cupcaking

To answer the question I left you with in my last post, "today" was Service Saturday. It's a day for students from all institutes within TFAS to go engage in a day of direct service for the community. I, along with around 30 other students, left at 8am to head out to the Boys and Girls Club of Greater DC. We helped clean out some closets and then we got to take a tour of the clubhouse. Fun Fact: Kids from the clubhouse were chosen to hang out with President Obama at the White House. During the visit, he promised them a visit to their clubhouse and then made good on his promise this past winter!!

cupcaking- (v.) to adventure out in search of a sweet delicious treat {see cupcake}

Finally made it to Georgetown Cupcake on Friday night where I ordered a Lava Fudge [for $2.50]. I highly recommend it, but it is only served on Friday and Sunday. Thanks to my fabulous roommates, I actually got to sample four cupcakes in total: a red velvet {which they are famous for}, a chocolate^3 and a chocolate birthday. All three of which were delicious and available every day.

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