Thursday, June 24, 2010

Putting some emphasis on the "Live."

Ok, so today was super awesome and it isn't even over yet!

I got up at 6:10am to make it over to the gym with Abby for a 6:30am spinning class, my first, and let me tell you, it kicked my butt big-time!! I know that might not sound great to many of you, but we have been trying to be really good about fitting in workouts and the morning seems to be the best time. Anyway, it was a 45 minute class, but about 25 minutes into it, I just stopped listening to the instructor's directions. Forget ramping up the resistance, I was just trying to keep pedaling so I could make it through the class without looking like a wimp. I had already embarrassed myself enough last night when we went to the pool. Not only did I stick out like a sore thumb in my cleary-not-a-workout bikini, but then I ran into the lane divider. I am a terrible swimmer who can't swim in a straight line to save my soul. Oh well, the workout was good, so that's all that matters.

Then came work at 9:30am, where I finished up the portfolio for the Summit. Everyone liked it so much that I have been assigned at least two more portfolios for the business competitions this past year. :)
Then Alissa took a look at my resume and helped me make some adjustments. There are such mixed emotions when you have to change your resume. On the one hand, I was ecstatic that I had so much to include that I had to make my margins and font smaller, but on the other hand, it is so upsetting to have to omit things to make room for new ones. It's as if those things don't matter anymore, but in reality, I know they're still important because they were the stepping stones for my accomplishments to come.

The other part of my work day consisted of wrapping presents and preparing certificates for the end of the year Teacher Appreciation dinner. With all my preparation work, I was having a hard time accepting that fact that I wasn't going to be able to attend because of class. About half-way through the day, I just couldn't take it any more, so I emailed my professor and told him I had a work obligation and would not be able to attend class tonight. :O Are you shocked yet?

I know you might be thinking that this is totally unlike me and truthfully it is under normal circumstances. I am the first one to tell you that class is super important, but in this case, the experience of meeting these teachers was invaluable to understanding and appreciating the work that NFTE does. I promised myself when I accepted this summer internship program that I would make the most of it. The experience is three parts (live, learn, intern) for a reason!!

In the end, I am very happy with my decision. We ate at B. Smiths, a famous high-end soul food restaurant in Union Station. The food was great, especially the cheesecake. The waitress was super sweet and even boxed me a piece of sweet potato pie to take home (yum!). Plus, it's Araina's last hoorah as tomorrow is her last day. I'm really gonna miss that girl!

Now, I'm back at the apartment after a very long day, waiting for Michael to arrive. My mom sent him down with all kinds of goodies including homemade sausage and peppers leftover from my brother's graduation party (congrats Teej!)

Can't wait for him to get here! I'm not quite sure how I'm going to wait up because I'm super tired. I might just have to break into that piece of pie! ;)

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