Sunday, July 18, 2010


So sorry to have been away so long. Seems I slacked off on most everything last weekend including sight-seeing. You heard right, I did no sight-seeing last weekend!!

I suppose I can't entirely take the blame. My committee's fundraiser (a book sale) was scheduled for last Saturday from 9am-12pm, but was postponed to Sunday at the last minute because of rain. Instead of going back to sleep, I chose to remain awake and do some much needed laundry. I also got way ahead in my reading for class: Locke, Smith, Carnegie, Washington and Jefferson.

This past week, I visited the DC Central Kitchen. The trip was extra-special considering I had just finished reading Robert Egger's book (the founder of the Kitchen). I am amazed by how efficient the Kitchen is. They are always finding new and creative ways to support their programs through earned revenue. I would love to take a group from the Service Council there to volunteer in the fall.

I also saw my first business plan pitch at a NFTE biz-camp this Friday. Alissa and Verice agreed that it was the best pitch competition that they had ever seen. It was really neat to see the NFTE students in action.

This week also brought me my first Personal Development Series (PDS) lecture. Thursday morning I listened to a panel of three professionals in test prep and admissions talk about tips for applying to graduate school. I have not come to any definite conclusion about graduate school, but I think I would prefer working for a few years before entering school again. I am not quite sure what kind of degree I would want to pursue so I think it might be best to get some experience in a field first.

I would probably pursue a position in some kind of direct service and then possibly go back to school for a degree in order to work in some more administrative position. I have been advised that direct service is a worthwhile endeavor because it lends perspective, but that direct service can also be tiring and thus, is not ideal in the long term. Basically, do it while you are young! {{It's a funny thing really, even most of those professionals who went right into graduate school after undergraduate, advise otherwise. Hm?}}

So, that brings me to this weekend. Colleen was supposed to visit on Friday night, but backed out last minute. She had the chance to make some money and took it. Really?

No, I'm just kidding. I totally understand. I would have too!

So after that I just had to sit in the apartment all Friday night, BY MYSELF. ((Ok, ok. Enough with the guilt trip.))

Hayley and Sara and I took a walk and ended up at Thomas Sweets by accident. ;)

Then on Saturday, I tried to make up for last weekend by heading out with Sara to the Newseum. The admission price was $20 which seems a little steep compared to the free Smithsonians, but it was totally worth it.

For one, the tickets are good for two days. Secondly, the place is huge and very, very neat.

We only got through one level (of six) when we decided we were hungry. Sara had already agreed to eat at Good Stuff Eatery with me, so we knew exactly where we were headed.....

yeah, about that.....

40 minutes and lots of questions later and a cab ride later, we ended up at Good Stuff. It's a burger joint owned and operated by Spike Mendelsohn (that guy from Top Chef). Anyway, people had raved about it and I had been dying to go since week one in DC.

Luckily, the huge line was worth it. My Obama burger was delicious as were the rosemary fries (not Sara's favorite) and the Toasted Marshmallow milkshake.

Once we were appropriately stuffed, we headed back to the Newseum for an hour and a half before they closed. We made our way to the top floor and snapped some photos with my camera (because both of our cameras were dead) of the awesome view. Then we went through the famous front page room, Pulitzer Prize photographs which were absolutely breathtaking and the 4-D movie.

At 5pm the Newseum closed and we headed back to the apartment to study for our Midterm.

This morning, I dragged Sara back to the Newseum with me to finish what we missed before. All in all, it was an awesome museum. It was very thought provoking with lots of hands-on exhibits, clean and newly furnished, had friendly staff and a great store. I think the food court must be pretty good too, seeing as it is catered by Wolfgang Puck, although we did not eat there.

The rest of the day has been spent studying. Yippee!

Can't believe I have only two weeks of work and one weekend left.

I am anxious to blow all of my savings on food and shopping when Leah gets here next weekend, oh, and then tell you all about it. :)

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